Cancer Incidence and Cytomegegalo and Herpes Virus

By Lillian Hanke on January 14, 2019

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You are probably here at this website because you or someone else needs help. After you read the following article you will see a list of articles written by Dr. Nieper that you should read in the order they are listed.

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Doctors: One of the last things Dr. Nieper gave us was five pages of General Treatment Protocols for Information Only. The protocols listed include: Multiple Sclerosis, Friedreich’s Ataxia, ALS, Leukodystrophy, Diabetes Type I and Diabetes Type II and many others.

After approximately 1975, Dr. Nieper used nutritional support with ALS in somewhat the same manner as he used nutritional support with MS, he seemed to be more successful when he used intravenous Calcium-EAP along with Potassium/Magnesium Aspartate, L-Lysine, Benzaldehyde and L-Threonine. He stated, “ALS is caused by the settling of herpes virus type sub-genomes in the mitochondrial membrane of nerve cells.”

There have been at least three patients we know of who have survived long term that were treated by Dr. Nieper in Germany for their ALS by visiting him once and continuing therapy at home. One of them lived nine years, one lived 25 years and died at age 83, and another patient treated in 1988 is still living in her late eighties.

The paper, “Regimen for the Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis,” the paper entitled “Suggestions for Patients Who Are Under the Treatment With Colamine Phosphate Salts,” and the paper entitled “The Colamine Phosphate Salts As Membrane Integrity Factor, ” are appropriate reading for ALS patients wishing to follow a protocol featuring intravenous Calcium-EAP obtained from Germany.
Much of Dr. Nieper’s success in treating many illnesses can be attributed to his development of mineral transporters and use of them.

For patients whose therapies utilized Calcium l-dl aspartate and/or Calcium 2-aminoethanol phosphate (Abbreviated Ca-2-AEP or Calcium-EAP), Dr. Nieper wanted them to read the paper coded CM15a on this website.

He said that he treated ALS very similar to his treatment for Multiple Sclerosis. He estimated that about 50% of the ALS patients he treated responded favorably to the treatment as mentioned in “The Colamine Phosphate Salts As Membrane Integrity Factor.”

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