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It may be important for all women diagnosed with MS, either young ones first developing MS or women going through menopause, to have their hormone levels checked. It may be just as important for men with MS to have their hormones checked too. It is a very practical suggestion, considering tha...
Low-dose naltrexone (LDN) for autoimmune disorders has been suggested by Dr. Bernard Bihari of New York City (212-929-4196). He has used it to keep a large group of AIDS patients from progressing to a more advanced stage. His experience using it with MS patients and other autoimmune disorders has...
I started searching nine years ago for protocols, treatments, vitamins, herbs, and drugs that might make a difference in the progress of MS, I did not realize all the nutritional territory I would cross in that search, or how little consensus there would be on what helped.
By August of 1996, Carroll R. of Lufkin, Texas, didn't know if she could drag herself out of bed anymore to get her three kids off to school. Diagnosed only eight months earlier she had been on a fast downward slide with chronic progressive multiple sclerosis.